Wholesale Application

Wholesale Application

Choose which services you want to sell - whether you want to sell broadband, wireless, IPTV or a combination of multiple services, ISP Wholesale Networks has a programme to fit resellers of all types & sizes, including international entities looking to offer services in the US.

For both programs

  • No monthly SaaS maintenance fees.
  • Access to all Broadband & Wireless Networks.
  • Prices for services are exclusive of taxes and fees.


  • Minimum spend per month: $750.

Wholesale Aggregator

  • Minimum spend per month $1,500 (may include cumulative spending by sub-accounts).
  • Sub-accounts for resellers, sales locations/franchisees.
  • Minimum spend per wholesale sub-account per month $500.

To Apply to be a Wholesaler please complete all questions and provide required verification / authorization documents.

Local cellular & wireless services are likely to become available in your country before the end of 2018 - stay tuned!!

While we offer our reseller programme to entities worldwide, currently services are only available on US networks. We are working on services both native to several countries as well as global SIM options.

(include country & area codes, e.g. 12125551234)
Select whether you want to offer wired Internet, Cellular services (Talk, Text & Data or Data Only), or a combination of wired and cellular services. We will help you ascertain which and how many networks/infrastructure providers will be available, and which networks/infrastructure providers are best in the areas you choose to market services. Pricing for the license to access the networks and our software as a service platform is displayed below upon selecting an option from the drop-down.

There is no SaaS license or monthly maintenance for wholesale; all US networks are available by default. Setup fee $750, minimum qualifying spend is $750 per month (effective as of your 4th month).

There is no SaaS license or monthly maintenance for WISPs or IoT-only accounts, although minimum purchases apply: 500 IoT device activations or at least 1 enterprise fiber connection for WISPs. A consulting agreement is required for WISP technical expertise (FCC licensing, spectrum, equipment, provisioning, network design etc) & infrastructure implementation & management. Most consulting services are provided remotely, but on-site consulting services are available.

There is no SaaS license or monthly maintenance for wholesale aggregators; all US networks are available by default. Setup fee $1,500, minimum qualifying spend is $1,500 per month (effective as of your 4th month); sub-account setup fee $500, minimum qualifying spend per sub-account is $500 per month (effective as of their 4th month).

I need a Backoffice Customer Relationship Manager in addition to the standard wholesale platform

Backoffice Customer Relationship Management platform (includes subscriber management backoffice & customer self-service portal) - requires separate agreement - Download Here
US Networks: One-time setup $750 for access to all wired & wireless networks plus CloudSIM services
International networks: One-time setup $750 per country ($300 per country if adding to US services or adding at least 3 countries)
Recurring monthly SaaS license is:

  • $3.00 per subscriber (1-500)
  • $2.50 per subscriber (501-1,000)
  • $2.00 per subscriber (1,001+ then capped at $5,000 until the reseller has 20,000 active subscribers)
  • Special rates apply for 20,001+ subscribers!

The SaaS license does not include the cost of SIM cards, devices or subscriber services. If using a payment method other than card, a refundable deposit equal to the setup fee is taken for initial funding of your e-wallet which is used to activate services & we will automatically replenish your e-wallet as needed using your chosen payment method when the balance drops below $100 (unless you choose to replenish it yourself).

Up to US $ per month
Applies only for volume billing commitments, although there are no specific commitments required in order to get started. ISP Wholesale Networks now offers volume pricing and the prices for each subscriber line/connection can be discounted even further as you reach milestones in your overall billing volume or for established businesses ready and able to commit to monthly minimum billing increments, but we're happy to help you if you're just starting out from $0. If you're planning on more than $1m/mo, select $1m and we can discuss in more detail.
Entering your full name here serves as your signature.

Submission of this form indicates that you are ready to become a Wholesale customer and will automatically cause a Master Service Agreement AND an Invoice for applicable setup fees to be generated using information provided in this form. If you are merely seeking information about our services or pricing, please request information instead.

Upon submission of this form, you will receive an email containing a link to your service agreement as well as instructions for submitting the completed agreement and your payment information using our secure, encrypted forms.

BOTH the signed agreement AND payment information must have been submitted, and the applicable setup fees paid before we can activate your reseller account or distribute any SIM cards, hardware or other materials. Any services offered for "testing" prior to completion of paperwork & payment information are offered directly by Hayai Broadband at standard retail rates and are subject to Hayai's terms and conditions (including any term contract which may exist for the service).